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What we do at USA Weather!

USA Weather is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the timely and accurate dissemination of weather information to the public though our internet web sites, and warning the public of potentially dangerous weather conditions. The organization was co-founded in late July of 2003 by Storm Chaser James Covington, KB9ZXY, and Meteorologist Don Sell, WB9TYJ. It has been in continuous operation since that time. USA Weather is staffed by volunteers who love weather and the science of meteorology, and enjoy forecasting.

We hire meteorologists and weather enthusiasts who want to volunteer their time to producing local weather forecasts, in addiion to, national outlook forecasts for severe (thunderstorms & tornadoes), winter, hydrological, and climatological weather events.

In 2022, we are on our biggest rebrand of the organization every by introducing GIS to the website and a proprietary system for producing forecasts and alerts (also GIS-based).

Forecaster of the Month

August: Charles Wachal / Director of Meteorology

Mr. Charles Wachal has been nominated as Forecaster of the Month for July & August , 2022! Charles was a prior member of the Organization, when Mr. James J. Covington lead the Organization. Since Charles return, he has stepped into the Administration as been going above and beyond the call of duty. Charles has also taken over the Tropical Forecast Division, and is always willing to assist in the time of need. Charles, because of your hard work, and dedication to this Organization, you are hereby nominated Forecaster of the Month for July & August! The Organization thanks you for your hard work, and we are excited to have you in the Administration, and as part of the Forecasting staff!

Work with us!

USA Weather is a weather website that offers weather forecast products and gives folks an opportunity to volunteer that have a keen interest in atmospheric sciences or meteorology, but either do not have a degree, or may not be able to obtain a degree; but, want to offer their time forecasting for their respective local area. Applicants must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.

As an applicant, you will go through a process that allows to share your experience, take our entrance exam, and tell us why you want to volunteer with USAWX. Our Human Resources Department will receive your application, make a final decision, and then follow up with you via email.

We are excited to have you on our amazing team, and we can't wait to have you on board!

Apply and join the other
17 people
at USA Weather with a passion of meteorology

The kind of people we're looking for!

  • Meterologist/Forecaster in Charge
    Oversee operations in their LFO(s), coordinates with Lead Forecasters/Nowcasters, issue forecasts on a set schedule, and other managerial duties. Experience and/or degree required.
  • Lead Forecaster
    Supervises and coordinates all forecasters within a LFO, produce forecasts on a set schedule, coordinate with the MIC/FIC, issue nowcasts if needed, and fill in as necessary to cover other forecasters' shifts. Experience required.
  • Lead Nowcaster
    Supervises and coordinates all nowcasters within a LFO, nowcast on a set schedule (includes issuing alert, statements, PWAs, and STOs as necessary), coordinate with the MIC/FIC, issue forecasts if needed, and fill in as necessary to cover other nowcasters' shifts. Experience required.
  • Forecaster
    Forecast on a set schedule, coordinate with Lead Forecaster(s), and complete at least one forecast package per shift. Experience preferred but training is available.
  • Nowcaster
    Nowcast on a set schedule, coordinate with Lead Nowcaster(s), and issue alerts, statements, PWAs, or STOs as necessary during shift. Experience preferred but training is available.

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