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Terms and Conditions
USA Weather Incorporated now offers media outlets such as radio or newspapers the chance to use what is likely a more accurate forecast than what is available from other sources.

We do however, require that prior written permission is obtained from the Organization, and that the forecasts used be quoted exactly as written by our staff.

If a media outlet would like to discuss terms on possibly using USA Weather Incorporated forecasts, please click the contact link in the top menu and then select media contacts to contact us. Readers of newspapers or frequent listeners to local radio stations, if you'd rather get USA Weather's forecasts, contact your local media outlets and tell them about USA Weather, a more accurate option for media outlets!
What is Available?

We can set up a custom page for your newspaper or radio station. This will allow you to log in and retrieve a customized forecast specifically for the area your radio station covers, or the area of distribution for your newspaper.... whether weekly or daily.

We also allow newspapers to print our national outlook graphics, however these graphics are usually produced at around 12:30AM EDT so some newspapers may not be able to wait for the availability of new graphics. Producing them sooner would be difficult and harm the accuracy, due to the fact that the numerical forecast models used in producing these outlooks do not complete until around 11:40PM EDT while we're on Daylight Saving Time.

However, newspapers which print at midnight local time in the central, mountain, or pacific time zones could certainly get our most recent graphics prior to printing.

Terms are negotiable. USA Weather Incorporated is a non-profit organization and thus cannot sell a service, however a modest donation to help us cover expenses may be required.

Thanks for considering USA Weather Incorporated for your media outlet's weather information!

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