About USA Weather
USA Weather is a not for profit organization dedicated to the timely and accurate dissemination of weather information to the public though our internet web sites, and warning the public of potentially dangerous weather conditions.

This organization was co-founded in late July of 2003 by Storm Chaser James Covington, KB9ZXY, and Meteorologist Don Sell, WB9TYJ. It has been in continuous operation since that time.

USA Weather is staffed by volunteers who love weather and the science of meteorology, and enjoy forecasting. USA Weather Incorporated is owned and operated by it's staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Who is on your staff, and who can join?
A USA Weather is staffed by volunteers who love weather and the science of meteorology, and enjoy forecasting. We have everything from degreed meteorologists, to meteorology students, to amateur storm chasers, to weather hobbyists on our staff. We all work together to further our knowledge and experience, and assist in research to further public knowledge in the field of operational meteorology.

We accept individuals who have a deep and keen interest in meteorological science. Individuals interested in joining should have a strong desire to help their community be better prepared for potentially dangerous and/or life threatening weather, and an eagerness to learn about weather.

Q Does USA Weather have an opinion on "Global Warming"?
A While many of our staff have their own opinions on "Global Warming", the Organization itself is not going to publish specific opinions about this matter at this time.

Our Purpose & Goals
Our primary goals are as follows....
  • To develop and maintain virtual forecast offices for all parts of the United States.
  • To maintain a national forecast office covering the contiguous 48 US States, producing graphical and textual forecasts and outlooks in severe weather, winter weather, climate, hydrology, tropical weather, and travel conditions.
  • To create and administer severe weather awareness and safety programs, demonstrating and publicizing proper severe weather awareness and safety techniques.
  • To create and administer training and educational programs in applied and physical meteorology through an internship program. This includes assisting college students with a major or minor in atmospheric science gain experience with operational meteorology.
  • To create a scholarship program for High School students who meet an overall GPA of or greater than 3.2, and wish to major in meteorology. Other qualifications apply.
  • To develop and administer a Storm Chase Team which shall provide real-time information to our staff and official sources, and gain base support from our staff. This includes promoting and instructing responsible storm chasing, safety, reporting, and photography techniques.